About Us

At 2 & A Quarter Photography, we take pride in providing customers with impressive photo prints they can display in their homes and businesses. We have more than 50 years of experience in the industry. In all those years, we've taken photos of the monuments in Washington, DC, as well as a wide range of landmarks and national parks.

About the Photographer

Algen Bradley Lewis was born on April 3, 1949 in Akron, Ohio, to Algon and Geneva Lewis. The oldest of seven children, Algen grew up in the greater Akron and Cleveland area. He graduated from Buchtel High School in June of 1968. Upon graduating, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served with the 2nd battalion, 5th regiment, Fox Company, in Hue City, in the Republic of South Vietnam. While serving in this combat unit, he received the following awards:

Bronze Star | Purple Heart | Combat Action Ribbon | Presidential Unit Citatio

Professional Background

Upon leaving the military, Lewis worked as a staff photographer with the U.S. Department of Treasury. He provided photography support to include the photographs of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and the Department of Treasury Diplomatic functions. While working as a staff photographer and graphic artist, he attended the University of Maryland, where he graduated in June of 1981 with a degree of Advertising Art. In June of 2000, he received a second degree in Paralegal Studies. Today, he works at the Appeals Management Center in Washington, DC, as a Decision Review Officer with the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Photography Career

Lewis has received additional photography education from the Nikon™ School of Photography, Winona School of Professional Photography, and the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, in Washington DC. His works have appeared in the periodicals of the following:

Professional Photographer™ Magazine | Modern Horse Breeding | George Hyman Construction Company | Pier 1 Imports™ | Treasury Papers | Best of Photography Annual